Write It Right

Writing English correctly is difficult even for some native speakers. There are many grammar rules, but also many exceptions to the rules. So just learning the rules is often not enough to learn how to write English right.

Native speakers grow up hearing English all the time, so in school grammar rules basically reflect what they already know. Non-native speakers learning English generally are made to learn grammatical rules. That is of course useful, but being able to use the rules and write correctly requires much practice.

Write It Right practices writing in two ways. In one way, you are given all the words that make up a sentence. They are given in alphabetical order without punctuation or capitalization. You then must use these words and put them into a correct sentence. If you make a mistake, you then must find your mistake and correct it.

The other way to practice requires your ability to read the phonetic symbols introduced in Sound Studies. The sentence is displayed in phonetic symbols and you then must write it correctly in English. Again, if you make a mistake, you then must find and correct it.

This approach helps you to learn proper word order, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and spacing of words. In other words, it helps you to learn how to write English right!

Write It Right Features

The words of sentences are given and you use them to correctly write the sentences

Phonetic representations of sentences enable you to read the sentences with correct pronunciation

There are two ways to practice each of the 500 selections: putting the words of the sentence in order or translating the phonetic symbols into English

The sentences are spoken after correct responses are made

How will it help?

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other writing rules are learned by actually writing

Being able to correctly read phonetic symbols reinforces proper pronunciation

Improves writing, speaking, and typing skills


It is recommended that you complete Sound Studies before signing up.

Basic knowledge of grammar

Ability to read phonetic symbols

Internet connection