TPP Timed Paired Practice®

  • For classes of 10 or more students.
  • The larger the class, the more opportunity to speak with different partners.
  • Students are randomly paired or speak with the teacher.
  • Aim is to teach extemporaneous and spontaneous conversation skills.
  • Teacher endeavors to point out errors the moment they occur.
  • Online version also available for student with high-speed internet connection and webcams.

TPP Timed Paired Practice® Features

Students learn actual conversational skills by conversing

Students can check their individual performance any time

Progress is indicated through graphs

TPP provides an empirical evaluation of conversational skill

How Does It Help?

Students learn natural conversational skills

Students learn how to speak spontaneously

Students can see their own strong and weak points

Students develop self-confidence in their skills


Must be enrolled in a TPP class conducted by a teacher

Must receive a class code from the teacher in order to register

Students should have at least an elementary language ability

Credit is automatically given for Sound Studies achievement