Technical Requirements for StudySuite® Products

System Requirements

StudySuite® products has been developed to work with Windows based computers. However this does not guarantee that it will work under every Windows based computer. Specific differences in computers such as general settings, antivirus software, firewall and browsers can make StudySuite® products incompatible with some computers. To see if your settings work with StudySuite® product, please try the online demo.

Other requirements

StudySuite® products support the following browsers only.
-Internet Explorer Version 6
-Internet Explorer Version 7
-Firefox Version 3
-Opera Version 9
-Javascript must be enabled
-Adobe Flash Player plugin version 9 or greater must be installed in your browser

Sound Studies Additional Requirements

-Apple Quicktime Plugin

Your Flash Version

You do not have the Flash plugin installed, or your browser does not support Javascript (you should enable it, perhaps?)