Spelling Bee

Every year there are spelling contests in America called Spelling Bees. Contestants are asked to spell words correctly. The StudySuite®’s Spelling Bee does this. A word is spoken and you then key in the correct spelling. Spelling Bee uses the 5,000 words introduced in Sound Studies.

Beginning with short words and gradually advancing to long words, as you do Spelling Bee you probably will learn how to spell words correctly. If you use Sound Studies before Spelling Bee, you will notice spelling patterns based on certain pronunciations. It is possible to use both Sound Studies and Spelling Bee at the same time.

Spelling Bee Features

Practices the 5,000 words introduced in Sound Studies

Words are practiced from shortest to longest

A word is spoken and you key in its spelling

If you make a mistake, you are asked to find and correct your mistake

You are able to practice for as long or as short as you like

How will it help?

Through regular practice you will begin to notice spelling patterns

It will improve your English spelling

It will improve your hearing ability

It will help you build up your vocabulary with practical words


Computer with speakers (or earphones) and keyboard

Internet connection

Use of Sound Studies is advisable