Sound Studies Speak like a native speaker!

Growing up we master the pronunciation of our own language by the conscious and unconscious emulation of those around us. We learn to speak like those around us because we imitate the sounds they make.

The same is true for learning a foreign language: we observe and imitate the native speaker. One problem, though, is that unless we live in the country where the language is spoken, we do not always have easy access to native speakers. Sound Studies remedies that problem for students of English.

Good pronunciation greatly facilitates smooth communication. Good pronunciation is achieved through practice and repetitive effort; the greater the effort, the better the results. Sound Studies enables the student to do this at his or her own pace. All that is required is just an Internet connection.

Sound Studies Features

It introduces 42 phonetic symbols by which American English can be represented

Learning to recognize and reproduce the sounds of these symbols correctly enables the student to intuitively learn how to acquire American pronunciation

Once the basic sounds are mastered, words are introduced giving both their phonetic representation and spelling

There are 100 levels of words with 50 words in each level; the program automatically advances the student from level to level according to his or her ability

Through repeated practice, the student unconsciously learns to recognize pronunciation patterns and the spellings associated with them; both pronunciation and spelling are improved

All that is required is a personal computer and Internet connection; the student is thus free to practice at his or her own pace

A self-study resource

Sound Studies has two main sections: Practices and Tests. The user can freely move between the two.

Sounds and words as well as their phonetic representation and spelling are introduced in the Practice sections.

The Recognition Tests in each level allow the user to test his understanding. Passing a level automatically advances the student to the next level

A teaching resource

Can be used to teach either individuals or classes

The teacher can set the pace, monitor progress, and concentrate on specific areas

As a CALL resource, and where each student has his or her own computer, the teacher can circulate among the students monitoring their individual progress

The teacher can use the Practice sections, projecting them on a screen, for joint classroom participation and instruction

Sound Studies can also serve as an e-learning course whereby credit is given for the completion of a certain number of levels

Who is Sound Studies for?

Sound Studies is for you if:

  • you would like to improve your English pronunciation.
  • you are new to StudySuite® and its 4 programs.

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