Remember and Repeat

Repetition helps us to learn to do things naturally and skillfully. That is how you learned how to ride a bicycle or play a sport well. It is also true for learning a language. The more you use it, the better you become. That is the basic principle of Remember and Repeat.

Remember and Repeat introduces passages made up of 10 segments each. A passage begins by introducing the first segment. It is displayed in English in one window and in phonetic symbols in another window. You listen to the recording of the displayed segment and practice repeating it just like the recording.

When you think you can repeat the segment in the same time or less than the recording, you click the Timer button when you begin your repetition and then click it again when you finish speaking. When you begin timing, the English version of the segment will disappear, but the phonetic representation will remain.

If you are able to repeat the segment in the set time, another segment will be added. If you could not repeat the segment in the set time, you must practice and try again. Every time you are able to repeat the segments in the set time, another segment will be added. In this way the passage will become longer.

Successfully being able to repeat all 10 segments of a passage correctly with an accuracy of 95% or better will then advance you to a comprehension test. It will ask you 10 questions about the content of the passage just practiced. The questions appear and you are to key in your answers. 95% accuracy or better will advance you to a new passage. Less than that will require you to repeat the passage.

Remember and Repeat Features

Develops speaking ability

Passages are gradually expanded as you are able to repeat them

Develops memory and comprehension

Develops writing skills

Reinforces proper grammar usage

How will it help?

Helps you learn how to speak longer passages smoothly

Helps you to remember the content of longer passages

Helps you to comprehend and answer content questions


It is recommended that you complete Sound Studies before signing up.

Ability to read phonetic symbols very useful

Ability to read and comprehend sentences

Internet connection