Introducing StudySuite® 4 Programs that will change the way you learn English!

Speaking fluently is perhaps the greatest challenge in mastering English. Reading and writing are also important. From them we learn basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other rules. The four programs in StudySuite® practice all these areas, but the greatest emphasis is on speaking.

With StudySuite® programs you learn by doing. You learn English through repetitive effort, much as you would learn a sport or martial art. That is how we learn our own languages as we grow up: we observe and imitate.

Using the four StudySuite® programs as recommended will not only improve your overall English ability, but also help you to speak more naturally, too.

As speaking is the main emphasis, learning the basic sounds of English is an important first step. Sound Studies is designed to do that. Once you learn the basic sounds, you learn how they make up English words. In the process, you intuitively learn spelling patterns. Spelling Bee tests your ability to correctly spell words you hear. Write It Right teaches you how to write proper sentences in two ways. Remember and Repeat helps you learn how to speak extended passages naturally and also to remember the content. Together these four programs can significantly improve your English ability.

Which program should I start with?

Each program is catered to develop a specific English skill. Although it is best to use all 4 programs as whole, take a look at our product comparison to learn about which program to begin with.

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