Frequently Asked Questions

I have registered, but can’t log in. Why?

>Did you enter your email address/password exactly as you did when you registered?

>Did you use a valid email address? (Cell phone addresses can cause problems.)  

>When you registered, did you accidentally enter a space before your email address/password or a period after them? 

>If you registered in Japanese, did you enter your email address/password using 半角 characters?

Have you tried reseting your password? (Password Reset Link is found at the login screen)

The program I signed up for is running too slowly. Why?

>Your Internet connection may be slow.

>StudySuite® may be receiving a high volume of traffic and temporarily slow.

>Your Temporary Internet Files cache may be full.  Go to Tools, then Internet Option, and select Delete Temporary Internet Files.

I can't hear the sounds.

>Make sure your computer speaker volume is on and is not set to mute.

>Please visit, to see if your quicktime plugin is successfully installed.  If you see a broken icon, you will need to follow the instructions on this page and reinstall the quicktime plugin for your browser.

>Please make sure that you have javascript enabled on your browser.